Profile: Herman the Magician

Since Herman was a boy, he always wanted to become a magician. He has acquired a passion for doing magic while growing up in his country of birth, Croatia. He grew up embracing the love of card tricks, sleight of hand and rabbits pulled out of a hat. He said, "I would see many magicians performing and I was completly astounded by them, so I asked my mother to buy me a Magic Set."

"I soon realized I could only perform childish tricks that wouldn't impress anyone." Magic has become a well recognized an serious form of entertainment that is performed at Corporate Functions, Restaurants, Schools, Celebrations and for various organizations.

Herman has been performing magic for 20 years and was accepted as a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in March 1999. Herman has entertained large audiences in both Europe and South-Africa. Not only did he perform for large companies, organizations and restaurants, but has adapted his performances to aid in fundraising for various schools and organizations, educating children about drugs, strangers and other dangers which they might come across.