School shows

My entertainment programmes are very flexible and do not depend on the size of the audience or the space. They range from classroom parties to stage shows at the school hall or any open space. I provide a colorful set up including my specially designed costume and tables with lots of glitter and magical surprises, tables audio equipment. The whole set-up is done by me. Most important, the nature of the entertainment content is appropriate and will satisfy both small ones as well as grown ups. More information about each of my programmes are given on the functions page. My shows can be used for fund raising events, fun and family days, opendays or days before and after exam times. There are many benefits for the school of using my service. Let my review only a few:

  1. the staff is not involved in creating the show and there are no long rehearsals
  2. no expenses on behalf of the schools account
  3. a rare opportunity for the kids to see and to be involved in the magic show
  4. no need to take the kids out of school and organize and spend on transport
  5. an excellent way to exercise the fund raising

"Say No Magic Show"

This stage show especially emphasizes correct acting in situations in which every child could be involved. It also teaches HOW TO SAY NO TO DRUGS, STRANGERS AND OTHER DANGERS and how to have a happy and safe life. The real beauty of this show is that important safety messages and lessons are presented in a non-threatening manner through the medium of fun. There is a lot of children participation too. The theme of this show fits in with the school curriculum. This show is suitable for all children form Grade 1-7.

Class Shows

Suitable for a small audience and performed in the class. 45-50 minutes of a edu-tainment (SAY NO MAGIC SHOW) or only entertainment programmes gives an opportunity to children to see the "MAGIC" happening right before their eyes. Class shows could also be used as entertainment for fun days, family days or fetes.

Family Entertainment Magic Show

50-60 Minutes of carefully chosen tricks to suit the different age groups, presented with loads of humor and gags and involvement of individuals on the stage will entertain the whole family. The show is an attractive and exclusive opportunity for fund raising. Suitable as an evening show or a fun day.

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